Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Vails Gate Youth Leaders Meet for Brother’s/Sister’s Keeper Initiative

Vails Gate Elementary School students met with Mrs. Russell-Scott for My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) and My Sister’s Keeper (MSK) on Wednesday.

The MBK|MSK initiative was created by President Barack Obama to address persistent opportunity gaps faced by young people of color and to ensure that all young people can reach their full potential. Mrs. Russell-Scott (MBK) and Mrs. Whyte-Davis (MSK) have created a safe space for young scholars of color to freely express themselves.

Through their work and activities, these students are reminded why their voice and presence is important.  Scholars are learning how to better themselves and the world around them through action.  Not only are these students leaders in school, through MBK|MSK, they are obtaining the additional tools to be leaders in the community.

During their meeting, 2nd thru 5th grade students discussed the importance of community, individuality and self expression.  Led by Mrs. Russell-Scott, these young leaders were encouraged to be their authentic selves and to be inquisitive without fear.  The MBK|MSK students were then paired in twos to participate in a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament where the scholar who lost would then cheer on his/her opponent in the next round.

In the end, the students were all cheering one another on. The exercise was a direct reflection of the initiative which encourages young people to continue to uplift and support one another in all aspects of life.

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